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Privacy Policy

  • I don't give out your info to anyone not associated with me without your ok.
  • I'm not resposible for anyone getting your info when it is transferred by e-mail or any method, whether secure or not secure.
  • I may keep info you give me for purposes of contacting you myself or some other business reason, unless you ask me not to contact you.
  • I'm not responsible for any info you post on Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, or anywhere else in connection with my stuff or otherwise that others can see.
  • Please note that since we are running ads, third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your browser, or using web beacons to collect information in the course the process of servicing these ads.  You are welcome to set your browser’s cookie management settings however you wish (to allow or disallow cookies). Any transactions or associations you choose to have with these third parties as a result of responding to the advertisements will involve their individual privacy policies.


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